With CNN covering the bloody attacks in Paris in the background, I am spending all of Saturday behind the computer. There is so much on the to do list, that I have to admit defeat: the list will never be finished. Ever. It will just grow and, if I'm lucky, every now and then I will be able to make a dent in it by softly pushing in the borders like a harmonica.

During the week I am so busy with who-knows-what, that the actual science has to wait until the weekend. And this is not even what I used to call science (as in: involving a pipette), but the stuff I now call science.

So after spending yesterday on politics, grading a student proposal (late) and a student thesis (also late) today I reviewed a manuscript for a journal (which was... late), a manuscript draft for a colleague that may become a collaboration (which I also promised to have finished a week ago), and worked on the program for a meeting I am organising next year.

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